Dan Allender on thinking of your life as a story

“I’m not advocating a return to the sixties’ quest for self-identity and self-fulfillment. This is a search not for fulfillment but for narrative. It is not enough to find a self. Instead it is imperative to search for one’s story. It is not I who must be found. Instead it is God who is to be found. He waits – quietly, passionately, and winsomely – within my story. All I must do is ask, seek, and knock.” —or I might add from a [more] reformed perspective, one could say, “It is not for me to find myself (identity/fulfillment) as much as to discover one’s self being found and known [as God’s own] in Christ.”

Russell's Inspiration Daybook

about-danThere is much to love about Dan Allender‘s book To Be Told (2006).  This work encourages us to consider our life stories, to pay attention to them, to write them down, and to then take part in shaping the direction of our stories.

In introducing the concept of thinking of your life story, Dan quotes from Lord of the Rings, when Frodo and Bilbo are reflecting on the great stories, the adventures that they loved when they were little hobbits.  Then he launches into his theme:

“You are a story. You are not merely the possessor and teller of a number of stories; you are a well-written, intentional story that is authored by the greatest Writer of all time, and even before time and after time.”

When we look at the Bible, we see images such as God as the potter and we the clay (Isaiah 64:8, Jeremiah 18:1-10)…

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