A Call to Prayer in Fasting from Gathering Together

“I am thinking about many of the Presbyterian churches in this country that are populated with senior citizens….” — an esteemed colleague in ministry shared recently. How true an astute statement for the situation at hand.

I am feeling the weight of this stark reality for the congregations I have been called to serve with through these trying days. In such time of need, the Word in Hebrews (4:16) reassures us that we can boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence in the Lord who hears our prayers.

In a private moment of contemplation, subsumed by an experienced sense of common presentiment, the gravity of current circumstances could cause one to collapse under considerable pressure. How cautiously must we proceed in the face of so much uncertainty amidst unprecedented anxiety induced on a global scale.

“Reopening a church is a difficult thing since many of our volunteers are in the high risk category,” as one pastor put it. I am worried by very possible undesired dire consequences upon congregating in church gatherings at whatever level(s) with however safe risk minimization practices effected too soon.

O Lord, under severe mercy, by unmitigated grace…. how long, O God, must we endure….

Beloved— Let us endeavor together with zeal and fervor to fall on our knees, bowing in our hearts before the holy one, mindful of the Spirit’s presence among us.

May we be empowered to persist in pouring out our petitions for provision of wisdom from the ancient of days unto the here and now, imparting patience in perseverance upon our present plight under the sovereign providence, steadfast care, and unfailing love of the One who is forever always faithful.

Blessing, glory and honor, power and might be unto the Lamb who alone is worthy to receive our praise. Amen.

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