I am seeing the entire world together today as though everyone was gathering at a global memorial service spread apart all the way around the earth mourning the loss of one life unlawfully taken from us by enforcement at the knee.

With that envisioned setting of a global funeral home in mind, I can imagine one reading any posting of “what about ‘all lives matter’ not only black ones” and receiving it as insultingly insensitive.

To a person who may identify as being one among those who, in peaceful nonviolent protest, is primarily grieving.

To those worldwide who are experiencing the collective grief and loss of humanity in remembrance of George Floyd.

To many who actually have had similarity of experiences in discriminatory oppression over and on persons of color within the black community first hand.

I would find it personally reprehensible to remark why aren’t we also grieving all other lives lost in various other ways.

Please let us not participate to denigrate and cheapen in this wholly solemn global moment the one precious life that at this time is being regarded in a way representative of each of our humanity.

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