The Aftermath of Epiphany 2021

Among a multitude of lines crossed by the federal executive branch of government in office at present, of which many took note much earlier leading up to this past Wednesday, it appears to have been the Day of Epiphany in more ways than one, particularly for those in the current outgoing administration.

The week’s egregious event(s) of grave concern on that day apparently provided for the timely tipping point at which the threshold has finally been breached, though not necessarily for some still staunch supporters as lingering holdouts albeit amidst diminishing returns.

It is disconcertingly even more so a suddenly saddening sordid sight. Now added to shameful memory in our nation’s consciousness as a disruptively grievous sobering site on which the incitement of unruly harmful forces was unduly sanctioned by a sitting commander-in-chief. No wonder the scrambling being witnessed in the defecation storm’s aftermath.

God help us all in the midst of our utter utmost brokenness as we the people seek again to be the people for one another whose government is meant to be of, for and by the people of these supposedly United States. America, may God shed God’s grace anew upon thee in the new year, hopefully redeeming the years the locusts have stolen. Lord, in your mercy….

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