Beginning Lent, Gratefully

At the beginning of this Lenten season’s journey toward Holy Week, I am deeply grateful — giving thanks to God through this new morning’s mercies for the Lord’s favor upon services last evening on Ash Wednesday. To my witness, ’twas a bountifully blessed occasion for such joyous gathering of kindred spirits in community among treasured friends within the larger family of faith. From the combined choirs’ offering like a heavenly chorus singing praises from on high to many softer moments of music in quiet reflection, I experienced our worship through Word and Sacrament being Spirit-filled as sweet incense before the throne of grace. I feel privileged to have been called by providence to participate and preside in shared partnership, penitence and piety. May this season of Lent be ever more so to the glory of the Holy and Anointed One who alone is worthy to receive all blessing, honor and power — unto the Ancient of Days, Soli Deo Gloria

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